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17 mile drive

17 mile drive, originally uploaded by Donna Francé.

A me sta foto piace!


Is there anything in the water?

Is there anything in the water?, originally uploaded by solea.

the eye in the mirror is the mirror of the eye

if you don't like to see me..... just be gone......

, originally uploaded by solea.

"if you don't like to see me..... just be gone......"

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Düsseldorf, 07.04.2006

Let there be light

Let there be light, originally uploaded by solea.

tulle of moonlight

tulle of moonlight, originally uploaded by solea.

"To Your Muse"

When you spill the gown of snow
Over the pure shoulders of your muse
I gather my dark petals
And I am the lily of light alabaster

To your muse in rose, I open in rose;
My heart is honey, perfume and fire;
And I live and die of a glorious thirst:
Your living blood should be water spilled on me.

When covered by a tulle of moonlight
It drinks calm and azure in the lake,
I am the swan that soars, dreaming;

And if in magnificent mourning you dress her
To wander along sad paths,
I am the light or the shadow of a stele. . . .

Delmira Agustini


Crosses for US soldiers killed in Iraq, Burning Man, 2006

blameless butchers

Sunbather From Above

Sunbather From Above, originally uploaded by Spanishalex.

Sunbather in sombrero from above with blue pool


Beautiful song...

Beautiful song..., originally uploaded by Rom..

Sol, sun and sea


Mt. Ararat - 27/365

Mt. Ararat - 27/365, originally uploaded by Chris Wilder-Smith.

View 'Mt. Ararat - 27/365' On Black

Mt. Ararat - Արարատ - Ağrı Dağı
Iğdır Province, Turkey
16,854 ft


ChoiceBro's Photos

DSC_0438, originally uploaded by ChoiceBro.

Positively glowing

Look to your left

Sunset in the background

Naga Raj Silks

My Favorites Images from भारत INDIA - Claude Renault

Christophe Gilbert, photographer

Christophe Gilbert


, originally uploaded by alina_gerika.

Düşüm müsün?

, originally uploaded by alina_gerika.



kapı, originally uploaded by onderaaa.



SyMMeTrY, originally uploaded by Mara86.

Ains, what bad is this of being poor… Pro finished to the account that to me the friend gave Alonso. And as I am a student pobretona, because I hold with my account “free at least” until it recovers to me economically;) Thanks, Alonso, I hope that you have felt that I have taken advantage of the gift! A kiss to all, and to continue studying: (



lethe, originally uploaded by mappamundi.


lethe, originally uploaded by requiemm.

"everyone has their own lethe image in their mind...this is a reflection of the world "lethe" for me...hope you enjoy
oh by the way i know it can be improved on so many different ways..but i like it :)
and the resources; my lovely sxc.hu and the model (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/33580141/?qo=349&q=by:sinned-angel-stock&qh=sort:time+-in:scraps)"

Fire 5

Fire 5, originally uploaded by Sweetlethe.


m o d e l i m i t a t i o n [Taken by Oscar]

Lack of color

Lack of color, originally uploaded by sabrinadacos85.


Lago De Oro Fresh Oyster - A Closer Look

I honestly prefer fresh over baked.

new dress & fake pearls

new dress & fake pearls, originally uploaded by megeliza519.

Shopping for the dress earlier that day...



Why I don't iPod

Why I don't iPod, originally uploaded by McNeney.

Okay. I know that the portable music player has been around for ages. My first was a transistor radio. Then there were "ghetto blasters." Then came the Walkman. And now, of course, the iPod.

Don't get me wrong. I love music. And I love the iPod's technology. What I don't love... or have any level of comfort with... is groovin' out to music in public.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like such a private, intimate, personal thing. When I see people on the street, or on the bus, or wherever, with those little white ear plugs... blissing out in their own little worlds... it makes me a bit uncomfortable. It reminds me of my highschool graduation night party, which was out in a big field somewhere. As I made my way from Point A to Point B in the latenight dark... I tripped on something. And it was a boy I'd never seen before... masturbating.

It was pretty dark, and he was pretty out of it. Plus, he had his eyes closed. And I - stumbling onto such a thing unexpectedly, and never having seen a boy masturbate before - was stuck somewhere between shock and prurient fascination. And that's the scene that comes to mind every time I see someone lost in their own little iPod-assisted quasi-erotic, eyesclosed mindbodymusic meld.

I have, of course, grooved publicly at rawk shows. But that's different. It is akin, I think, to the gay bath house scenario. We're all engaged in our own little worlds, and expressing ourselves physically... and there is a sense of kinship... but it's dark, and anonymous. None of us can really see (or wants to see) each other... and we're all there for the same reason, engaged in the same... er, passion. It's when this kind of thing is engaged in out of context... in public, where most of us keep our passions hidden... that I find it just a little bit uncomfortable.

So... yeah. When Mike handed down his old, first generation i-Pod to me... it sat and gathered dust. I tried it in the garden, but when I'm outside, I'd much rather listen to the sounds of the natural world. I tried it on the bus once, travelling to the mainland.... but found the conflict too unnerving.

You want to get lost in the music. You want to let it take you over. You want to get to that dreamy place where you almost leave your body.

But... omigod - in public??? GAH!!! No way.

I prefer to indulge in private, where I can be free and completely unselfconscious. And if I want to close my eyes and twirl and swing my skirt... so be it. Ain't nobody's business if I do.


Tranquility, originally uploaded by Michael Nagel.

ha long bay - vietnam

ha long bay - vietnam, originally uploaded by chillntravel.

Halong Bay is a body of water of approximately 1,500 square kilometres in north Vietnam with a 120 kilometre coastline, in the Gulf of Tonkin near the border with China, and 170 kilometres east of Hanoi. Halong Bay means "Bay of the Descending Dragon" in the Vietnamese language.

The bay consists of a dense cluster of 1,969 limestone monolithic islands, each topped with thick jungle vegetation, which rise spectacularly from the ocean. Several of the islands are hollow, with enormous caves.

Halong Bay has been the setting for local naval battles against Vietnam's coastal neighbours. On three occasions in the labyrinth of channels between the islands the Vietnamese army stopped the Chinese from landing. In 1288 General Tran Hung Dao stopped Mongol ships from sailing up the nearby Bach Dang River by placing steel-tipped wooden stakes at high tide, sinking the Mongol Dubhai Khan's fleet.

During the Vietnam War, many of the channels between the islands were heavily mined by the navy of the United States, some of which pose a threat to shipping to this day.

The surrounding land region of Halong City is rich with high grade coal deposits, and is operated by the Vietnamese government

A UNESCO World Heritage site.
(text from Wikipedia : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halong_Bay)

View from Mombarone mountain (mt. 2371 ft. 7 779)

View from Mombarone mountain (mt. 2371 ft. 7 779)

View from Castellengo (Piedmont - Italy)


cdl11, originally uploaded by chitwnhustla.



cats!, originally uploaded by emasplit.



Lost in Siena

Lost in Siena, originally uploaded by valdecasas.



, originally uploaded by *BetuL*.


Ben beni kendi içimde
Bilmem arasam bulur muyum
Yaşanmamış genç yıllarımı
Ve sebebini suskunluğumun

Buluşsam orada kendimle
Ve yaratsam ellerimle
Küçük bir sırça köşk misali
Dostlarımla benim evrenimde

Boş yere değil yok inanmam
Koşarım yine ardından
Bulsam da olur bulmasam da
Bu ümit beni bil yaşatan

Sezen Aksu


mtlda & oky

mtlda & oky, originally uploaded by bet3.

Büyük İfşa..
Türkiye'nin büyük blogcuları..

Bay Bet3 eliyle..


...., originally uploaded by U b i l i n.



morganne, originally uploaded by Djuliet.

"Semflex camera (vintage6x6)
Cross-processed film (can't remember which)"


jehanne#4, originally uploaded by Djuliet.


jeanmarc#2, originally uploaded by Djuliet.


Djuliet-14, originally uploaded by Djuliet.

"After a long, tiring, overall crap day, I received the lovely news that my pro account was expiring on the 30th. Those of you who follow my 365 adventure will know that my credit card was taken from me earlier this year due to financial problems, so I'm left without the means to buy a new one easily.
I was thinking maybe one of you out there would like to sponsor me to a new pro account so that my work of these last few years could stay online.



Alena., originally uploaded by m_dowson.


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