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fuzz: also my most viewed photo on flickr.

after taking the chayote butt polaroid, i insantly thought of this picture i took of my best friend a few years back. yes, the scan is crappy, but what an angle! i think this is the same day some dude came up to her and asked if she wanted to go into the bushes with him. needless to say, we laughed him away.


Nude model 3

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hairplay photography - send me all your vampires


Full Moon

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Nude and pregnant, gardening in the backyard. It is nice to cultivate so much life...



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Nature Shoot on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

8 months pregnant and out for a walk in the August summer sun."

Merry Christmas 8 - Marriage Secret

The best gift a wife can give to her husband. As prescribed by God. Please don't take this lightly. Offering of yourself to your spouse is one of the secrets to keeping your marriage happy. (more)


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Foto pubblicata sul libro " Il Bacchino 30anni di storia "


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I faraglioni dell'isola di Capri........


she didn't realise it then...

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my reflection is in the middle


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by salajin.
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heaven that i'm making

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heaven that i'm making

"And this heaven that I’m making
It can’t come quickly enough
And the big wave that I’m taking
It feels like I’m just waking up."

[Heaven That I'm Making by Crowded House]

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