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1,2,3 foto!

1,2,3 foto!, originally uploaded by Maиiкiií ♡.

fotógrafa: María Pía
modeloka: Yo

Убийственный взгляд



Rose, originally uploaded by LeNoREe.


sweet lips

sweet lips, originally uploaded by violent jane.


Gaziantep Archaeology Museum

Gaziantep Archaeology Museum, originally uploaded by Aliza Rin.

Gaziantep Arkeoloji Müzesi / Gaziantep Archaeology Museum
Gaziantep / TURKEY


The trumpet

The trumpet, originally uploaded by Elmelik.

untitled (2007)

untitled (2007), originally uploaded by Kev's.


P1000590FL, originally uploaded by ElaineHudson.



felationship, originally uploaded by lokaoz.


Who is coming ?

Who is coming ?, originally uploaded by S.B.F..


, originally uploaded by Orhan*.


Girl dreaming

Girl dreaming, originally uploaded by Miss Aniela.

I was dropping by the vacant home of a friend of mine when I stopped in my booted tracks and noticed a window, a chair and some light that added together to = Balthus tribute alert! All night I had been thinking of which of my own furniture to use to emulate the painter's works such as The Room, Nude with Cat etc - see my blog on Balthus - which I had been gazing at in the last few days with my mouth watering in Cybershot envy, and here was the perfect setting. Even the chair looks like it belongs to Balthus. My leather sofas wouldn't do!

I stripped off to the bone, right down to flinging off my skullhead socks, and, risking anyone walking in and finding me there, I indulged in about twelve ten-second timer dashes with no tripod, balancing my cam on the radiator. Conventionally 'sitting' in the chair wasn't right. It wasn't...Balthus. I needed to bend and writhe and close my eyes and generally appear as a reclining basking subject blissfully unaware of the Sony gaze.

Though I spent much time in Photoshop on these images, tweaking bits and stroking over parts and cloning out some junk, the images were quite remarkable even on the camera viewfinder. I was very excited as I loaded them onto my laptop. All CS2 needed to do was enhance these figurines I had already formed; to bring out the colour of the red chair, exaggerate the light, and shadow out the irrelevant corners to focus in on the main feature.

I had a whole range of possible titles for this image, I went for a nice and descriptive, conventional one in the end, but alternate ones were...

Aniela dreaming
Girl in [re]pose
Girl on chair
Girl on tomato-like chair
Girl barely on chair
Bare girl barely on chair
Girl acting like a ninny
Girl clutches at her chest in time for the 10 second timer
Girl has sex with sunlight beam
Nude dreaming
Nude dreaming of buying some clothes
Nude by window
Nude about to be seen through the window
Nude drama queen
Girl in the nude who is extremely bloody proud of this piece!
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Lit by the window

Lit by the window, originally uploaded by Miss Aniela.

A very old picture I took, revitalised with my processing yesterday. There is actually a 'clone version', which isn't on Flickr, only on the front page of my website, at a certain time of the afternoon :)

I spent some time working on the highlights and lowlights on the limbs and curves - probably inspired by the various painted tones on the splayed thighs of young girls in the book on Balthus I've been reading at bedtime - the positioning of the legs in this image is also rather Balthus style. Very shortly I will be embarking on a series of photoshoots inspired by him, watch this space! (I'll try not to make them too prone to censorship ;)

Girl awoken

Girl awoken, originally uploaded by Miss Aniela.

Here is another pic from my Balthus inspired-shoot, but with a slightly different processing interpretation. This time, I think the pose is a little more Balthussian than the last one (with its sinister face and inquisitive leaning posture similar to some of Balthus' pics which I have pasted just below), and this time, I have made the light appear as artificial light coming from the lamp, its rays daubed with an intended 'painted' feel.

What I love about this pic is that my body looks completely different; rounded curves, voluptuous almost, a far cry from my actual leek-like skinniness. Also, the leg's angle and positioning, to me, makes the bottom half of my body look like an early nineteeth century drawing, some unchaste buxom maiden getting up to no good. Manipulating the light and shadows afterwards enhanced the roundness of the figure.

Ode to a gull

Ode to a gull, originally uploaded by Miss Aniela.

Ode to a gull

This is one of the few times I will ever write something in verse underneath a pic...;)

Oh sweet, white, ruffled, fat greedy seagull
I admire everything about you
The way you stuff your neck with donated parts of my sandwich
The way you lift your head and let out a cacophonous squawk
To your chums up on the rooftop.
Most of all
I love the way you saunter confidently
Gull knees first
With that intelligent & poetic look on your face
Dumb pigeons.
Every day, between the rhythmic hum of roosting woodpigeons, I hear your noisy conferences outside
Making me happy, because
It reminds me
That I live in a seaside town.
One 9am I found a feather sat upon the driveway
I took it and framed it
(Ok i didn't - I put it in the car and I keep using the sharp end of it to stick in the 'reset' button of my misbehaving CD player)
It came from divine you.
I love the way your assertive beaks
Sometimes get you away
With downright daylight robbery.
And I loved the time you joined us at our barbeque
Standing on the garage roof
Obtaining a chunk of everything
Till it looked like you'd swallowed the house.
I would love to be friends with you all
But for now I will admire my picture of the finest gullian specimen
Hanging upon the wall.
Ten Directions kindly did a swap with me and sent me the one I chose
And I had it printed large
So I could wake up to it every morn.
Thank you fair seagull
For being the subject of my poem


by betogtz

by betogtz, originally uploaded by ♡karla skoy ♡.

karla cuerpo


Luz verde: Siga

Luz verde: Siga, originally uploaded by * ädri *.

I'm over here!

I'm over here!, originally uploaded by Rappel 98.

A thousand wishes

A thousand wishes, originally uploaded by A V A.

Basílica de Guadalupe, Monterrey, Mexico. 6 de Diciembre, 2006

To Follow the Crimson Wave 12

To Follow the Crimson Wave 12, originally uploaded by EvilxElf.

Edits: Contrast and saturation
Light: Window and lamps


, originally uploaded by gillianleigh.


Grande piano

Grande piano, originally uploaded by Laura-Jayne.


playful, originally uploaded by carmen_pra.


Bare Back

Bare Back, originally uploaded by SeenyaRita.


Angel V

Angel V, originally uploaded by Fotografía Artística.



p99, originally uploaded by Zn (Zinin Alexei).


Tango de Ophelia

I reprocessed this one (after some good feedback from DeleteMe!), and it came out so much better. Tanguera doesn't look dead in this one! :-o
here's the old version..

if your interested in seeing more of my artistic nude work, please read my profile.



Her, originally uploaded by Vi P.

Memorable photo for me, taken in Luxembourg in February 2006, and i'd like to have it here.



, originally uploaded by Où la vie se contemple.

Marthe nue 1900/1901

Marthe nue debout près d'une chaise dans le jardin de Montval.
Bonnard Pierre (1867-1947)
Paris, musée d'Orsay

Naked Marthe upright close to a chair in the garden of Montval.
Bonnard Pierre (1867-1947)
Paris, museum of Orsay


Café de la Paix

Café de la Paix, originally uploaded by Elisabeth85.

Monsieur Crab at Café de la Paix,
5 Place de l’Opéra,
75009 PARIS,
Tel : +33 (0)1 40 07 36 36,
Fax : +33 (0)1 40 07 36 13


0158 mono sam

0158 mono sam, originally uploaded by arm207610y.

07702 388785



in10, originally uploaded by imagnum.


nariz y boca

nariz y boca, originally uploaded by uva98.

Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Musée d'Orsay, Paris, originally uploaded by morilyn.

Oltre la vetrata si scorge la Chiesa di Montmartre.


somewhere in the eastern sierras

somewhere in the eastern sierras, originally uploaded by hantek.

"still futzing around with textures"

French curves: the full set

French curves: the full set, originally uploaded by Tom Gore.


paris., originally uploaded by fezita87.

julho 2007


Tickle, tickle

Tickle, tickle, originally uploaded by smiling_da_vinci.

"This image is a part of a poster I saw for a dance performance somewhere in Prague. The Nikonator forced me to register it. I swear it was not my naughty idea. She made me do it. ;o)"

this mornin's fog

this mornin's fog, originally uploaded by Searocket.

another cormorant sittin' in the fog this mornin'

Belly Ring - Perl Button

Belly Ring - Perl Button, originally uploaded by Dan Zen.

pure zen

Mysterious Woman

Mysterious Woman, originally uploaded by Dan Zen.

The Rising of Ava's Belly Button Ring


toni beach

toni beach, originally uploaded by Let'sExplode.

You come here, I disappear

You come here, I disappear, originally uploaded by rebeccamissing.

all things & nothing

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