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Ode to a gull

Ode to a gull, originally uploaded by Miss Aniela.

Ode to a gull

This is one of the few times I will ever write something in verse underneath a pic...;)

Oh sweet, white, ruffled, fat greedy seagull
I admire everything about you
The way you stuff your neck with donated parts of my sandwich
The way you lift your head and let out a cacophonous squawk
To your chums up on the rooftop.
Most of all
I love the way you saunter confidently
Gull knees first
With that intelligent & poetic look on your face
Dumb pigeons.
Every day, between the rhythmic hum of roosting woodpigeons, I hear your noisy conferences outside
Making me happy, because
It reminds me
That I live in a seaside town.
One 9am I found a feather sat upon the driveway
I took it and framed it
(Ok i didn't - I put it in the car and I keep using the sharp end of it to stick in the 'reset' button of my misbehaving CD player)
It came from divine you.
I love the way your assertive beaks
Sometimes get you away
With downright daylight robbery.
And I loved the time you joined us at our barbeque
Standing on the garage roof
Obtaining a chunk of everything
Till it looked like you'd swallowed the house.
I would love to be friends with you all
But for now I will admire my picture of the finest gullian specimen
Hanging upon the wall.
Ten Directions kindly did a swap with me and sent me the one I chose
And I had it printed large
So I could wake up to it every morn.
Thank you fair seagull
For being the subject of my poem

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