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Uriel Dana - The Kindred (Re-load)

Uriel Dana - The Kindred (Re-load), originally uploaded by uridev.

The Kindred
© Uriel Dana

Through a maze I found a room full of mirrors.
The light that joins us led the way.
So many realities… So much illusion.
Are you really here, or my mind’s delusion?
Where do I look; are you man or beast?
Will I know you as warrior or know you as priest?
We came here knowing we’d go to sleep,
Making our destinies more difficult to meet.
I’ve surrendered my fear, filled my heart with grace
And asked the universe to guide us to a place
Where if we open our eyes and take a chance
We will find it’s the future, and not the past,
That illuminates the pebbles on our path.

Together Again
by Uriel Dana ©1998

I have a kingdom deep within
Where the veils of illusion are pale and thin.
Light and dark merge into grey,
And love and ecstasy begin their stay.
The King and his Queen are equal here.
We know only love, no pain or fear.
Our dream is a magic carpet ride
Where all worlds are one, and souls confide.
And when the dream is a waking one,
Will you know by my eyes that I have come?

oil on board 8"x12"
"Together Again"
by Uriel Dana ©1998

This poem is currently a semifinalist in the National Library of Poetry's North American Open Poetry Contest. It will be published in a poetry anthology, A Sea of Tranquillity in December 1998. The Ancients believed the Lion slept with his eyes open, which in my book makes him one of the first inter-dimensional animals... or at least a lucid dreamer. This is why the lion represents multidimensional creativity and why sculptures of this king were often found guarding entrances to buildings. Here he also represents the king, the anima or male energy, the Shiva embracing the Shakti. In modern alien lore, the lion is believed to have originally come from the Sirius Star System.

TaylorDana - Lloyd Cobb

TaylorDana - Lloyd Cobb, originally uploaded by uridev.

A commission from two married gemologists in Honolulu. They were living in Paris and decided to get married, go back to Honolulu, and start a business. They also had made a conscious decision not to have a pet until they owned their own home. The flowers are from their honeymoon in Tahiti,
the cat, a Scottish Rex named "Lloyd Cobb" purchased at the same time as their new home. Instead of a ring, the wife wore the black pearl around the cat's neck, the column and fabric was from the decor of the business they began together. The ring was the jewelry design that helped them start their second store, the Champaigne they brought back from Paris to open at the birth of their first child. The cork shows us the birth of their son.


Barcos, originally uploaded by * FLOR *.



, originally uploaded by Lina..

"ida, stockholm, 2001"

word, then i desire

word, then i desire, originally uploaded by tetheredto.

If a poem is a body
and desire is more than a

word, then I desire the body
of this poem, standing beyond these

words, naked, unwritten, teasing me by
addressing you, reader, judge

-- bob perelman

i wouldn't. and you wouldn't either

i wouldn't. and you wouldn't either, originally uploaded by tetheredto.

"maybe you've seen this image here before. i watched it show up on paper in a plastic pan of developer under the nose of a room full of rich housewives. but i can't help wanting to see it again.

it was another city. cheap motel. the lotus motel. rose's birthday. she's wearing both my underwear (that became hers) and my boxers (which became lost). we missed eating the best lasagna in the world because the place closed five minutes before we got there. i don't know what we ate instead.

i do know we filmed tall buildings and each other as large animals. we drove down a long series of alleyways and still couldn't get lost on an island that letters every street A through Z and every perpindicular street 1 through 200.

all that and we still haven't ridden the galveston ferry together. i blame that on our serious lack of automotive luck. there are worse things in life. like maybe not having ever been there to see this moment. like maybe not ever having to go back and eat that incredible lasagna.

how did someone's personal stamp make it to rose's legs without him knowing?"

"We exist with a wind whispering inside and our moon flexing. Amid the ducts, inside the basilica of bones. The flesh is a neighborhood, but not the life.
Our body is not good at memory, at keeping.

-- jack gilbert

belly "

by tetheredto

if it looks as though rose has tiny little bruises on her bottom,

"that's largely because, in fact, she does.

whether she tells you why or not is a whole other sense of wonder."


yoko343196_35, originally uploaded by yoccakamada.


rei_itoh085, originally uploaded by yoccakamada.

"Venus rising...."


a is for apple. : abc project | 81

The Apple --

It is a complex symbol,
with a variety of meanings and incorporated in a variety of contexts. It can mean love, knowledge, wisdom, joy, death, and/or luxury.

The apple could be an erotic association with a woman's breasts, with the core sliced in half representing the vulva.

In Greek mythology, the apple appears repeatedly; Hera received an apple as a symbol of fertility upon her engagement to Zeus.

The apple of the Garden of Eden, is the symbol of temptation and of original sin.

In secular terms, the apple functions as a symbol for the cosmos or totality, due to its nearly perfect spherical shape.

-- The Symbolism Dictionary

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DSC07058, originally uploaded by weezel69.


Chinese shadow

Chinese shadow, originally uploaded by Alexandre1000.

"I was looking at my shadow on the wall. I played quite a bit with my shadow. Loved this shoot."

look me in the eyes

look me in the eyes, originally uploaded by candansusoy.

by Candan Süsoy


., originally uploaded by candansusoy.

by Candan Süsoy


II, originally uploaded by candansusoy.

by Candan Süsoy


isveç6, originally uploaded by $EBNEM.


pisveç8, originally uploaded by $EBNEM.


isveç, originally uploaded by $EBNEM.

still hurry bird. ANAS PLATYRHYNCHOS

"from the tjörn Reykjavik Iceland"


5, originally uploaded by atotibonjing.


Kría, originally uploaded by johann Smari.

"Arctic tern"

009_D'art of Perfection

009_D'art of Perfection, originally uploaded by atotibonjing.


Oct self portrait 2

Oct self portrait 2, originally uploaded by c-taylor.



love, originally uploaded by OYEmatilda.

"sexy vann"

" self-portrait " / demian .

" self-portrait " / demian ., originally uploaded by OYEmatilda.

"en foto : señorita mandarina franela, jajaj hola a todos ."


Be my fool

Be my fool, originally uploaded by xToXiCx.

"My friend Amelie. I got so tired of self-portraits!"

Can you do this?

Can you do this?, originally uploaded by xToXiCx.

"Apparently not evyone can roll their tongues! My friend found this picture disgusting but I liked it!"


Floating Volcano

Floating Volcano, originally uploaded by Laura Travels.

"Cotocachi Volcano as seen from Quito, Ecuador"

Pure Tranquility

Pure Tranquility, originally uploaded by Laura Travels.

"A gulf Coast weekend - looking out over an inlet on the Florida Panhandle"


Breaching, originally uploaded by Laura Travels.

"These pictures were taken off the coast of Puerto Lopez, Ecuador where the humpback whales can be found breaching every August. They needed a little work so they weren't uploaded with the original set. I never got one completely out of the water which was a great disapointment. I got close on one (with only the tail left in the water), but it's horribly out of focus. :)"

Sunset at Zuma

Sunset at Zuma, originally uploaded by Laura Travels.

"I'll never understand why the beaches aren't more packed with people in the evenings and mornings than in the middle of the day! Surley this is it's best hour..."

Channel Islands by Moonlight

"I'm so excited to be going back to this place in May. It's one of those US National parks that hardly anyone has heard of and is wonderfully underappreciated!"

Morning Mist

Morning Mist, originally uploaded by Laura Travels.

"A lovely morning off the coast of Railay Beach. Thailand has many wonderful characteristics, but my favorite of all are the shapes of the mountains which make such stunning shillouettes in the magical hours of the day."

Beautiful Bartolome

Beautiful Bartolome, originally uploaded by Laura Travels.

"This is a shot taken from the highest point on Bartolome Island, Galapagos. The island in the background is Santiago.

It was here on Bartolome Island that they filmed the Galapagos scene in the movie Master and Comander with Russell Crowe."


2xfun, originally uploaded by soclose.

, originally uploaded by happyjess07.


Adiós, originally uploaded by Memo Vasquez.


duncansby stacks

duncansby stacks, originally uploaded by brockvicky.

"A visit to Duncansby head, in the mist and drizzle, before heading over to Orkney"

Jed and Al

Jed and Al, originally uploaded by Steve Oliver.

Jed the dog and Alison, near Bala, Wales.

Ceibwr Bay

Ceibwr Bay, originally uploaded by Steve Oliver.

"My favourite places... part 2: Ceibwr Bay on the Pembrokeshire Coast (there isn't a Part One cos I'm not sure of my absolute favourite)."

sin sentido

sin sentido, originally uploaded by Evelina Constantini.

foto: German Saez


Megan with open arms

Megan with open arms, originally uploaded by Manjari Sharma.

"Megan palmer, singer, song writer, violinist, blue grass performer, artist, friend, hippie, lover, wanderer, a friend, lost and found"


Shrouded in mystery

Shrouded in mystery, originally uploaded by Letha Jose.

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