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i wouldn't. and you wouldn't either

i wouldn't. and you wouldn't either, originally uploaded by tetheredto.

"maybe you've seen this image here before. i watched it show up on paper in a plastic pan of developer under the nose of a room full of rich housewives. but i can't help wanting to see it again.

it was another city. cheap motel. the lotus motel. rose's birthday. she's wearing both my underwear (that became hers) and my boxers (which became lost). we missed eating the best lasagna in the world because the place closed five minutes before we got there. i don't know what we ate instead.

i do know we filmed tall buildings and each other as large animals. we drove down a long series of alleyways and still couldn't get lost on an island that letters every street A through Z and every perpindicular street 1 through 200.

all that and we still haven't ridden the galveston ferry together. i blame that on our serious lack of automotive luck. there are worse things in life. like maybe not having ever been there to see this moment. like maybe not ever having to go back and eat that incredible lasagna.

how did someone's personal stamp make it to rose's legs without him knowing?"

"We exist with a wind whispering inside and our moon flexing. Amid the ducts, inside the basilica of bones. The flesh is a neighborhood, but not the life.
Our body is not good at memory, at keeping.

-- jack gilbert

belly "

by tetheredto

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