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Uriel Dana - The Kindred (Re-load)

Uriel Dana - The Kindred (Re-load), originally uploaded by uridev.

The Kindred
© Uriel Dana

Through a maze I found a room full of mirrors.
The light that joins us led the way.
So many realities… So much illusion.
Are you really here, or my mind’s delusion?
Where do I look; are you man or beast?
Will I know you as warrior or know you as priest?
We came here knowing we’d go to sleep,
Making our destinies more difficult to meet.
I’ve surrendered my fear, filled my heart with grace
And asked the universe to guide us to a place
Where if we open our eyes and take a chance
We will find it’s the future, and not the past,
That illuminates the pebbles on our path.

Together Again
by Uriel Dana ©1998

I have a kingdom deep within
Where the veils of illusion are pale and thin.
Light and dark merge into grey,
And love and ecstasy begin their stay.
The King and his Queen are equal here.
We know only love, no pain or fear.
Our dream is a magic carpet ride
Where all worlds are one, and souls confide.
And when the dream is a waking one,
Will you know by my eyes that I have come?

oil on board 8"x12"
"Together Again"
by Uriel Dana ©1998

This poem is currently a semifinalist in the National Library of Poetry's North American Open Poetry Contest. It will be published in a poetry anthology, A Sea of Tranquillity in December 1998. The Ancients believed the Lion slept with his eyes open, which in my book makes him one of the first inter-dimensional animals... or at least a lucid dreamer. This is why the lion represents multidimensional creativity and why sculptures of this king were often found guarding entrances to buildings. Here he also represents the king, the anima or male energy, the Shiva embracing the Shakti. In modern alien lore, the lion is believed to have originally come from the Sirius Star System.

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