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blue geometry.....vous avez surpassé mon attente

une distraction que ma solitude me rendait nécessaire , I need to be loved, loved


Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

, originally uploaded by somebody_.

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden



Autoportrait, originally uploaded by *sugar*CélineM*.

Séri "La chute des corps"

Mystical Morning

Mystical Morning, originally uploaded by Haggis Chick.

Mystical Morning (http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/onblack.php?id=3251150446&size=large)

Not so sure about the mystical! It was absolutely freezing and I can’t believe I got up on a Sunday morning at 6.15am to go out and take this. Yep that’s right 6.15am on a Sunday morning! Total and utter madness but I had to do it. I’m working on a college project, and last week and also this week both my babies have tonsillitis ;-( and what’s the bet I get it?
Anyway this place is just off the main road and has a house more or less directly in front of where I was standing (obviously not in the water) but just up the field a wee bit! So really I had no choice to go at this time to avoid being spotted by any ageing farmer who would have wondered what the hell was going on. I really didn’t want to be responsible for such a death if you know what I mean!!!!

Apart from that things are good, I’m eating healthy, feeling better and more motivated. I feel like I haven’t been myself or perhaps been posting images as much or should I say being careful about what I post but you know what ………fook everybody! I’m feeling the need to just be me. I think when I first started on flickr it was good because nobody knew me, However as people find out who I am or know me I have felt a little awkward about doing what I do because I feel nobody understands and that they think you do it because you love yourself. That, I have to say is not the case and I’m not about to explain why I do do it because ... well, I don’t have to explain anything to anyone do I?


Akt.de :: Galerien

by Wolfgang Kunert

The touch

The touch, originally uploaded by soleá.


The rape of Europe

The rape of Europe, originally uploaded by anne 74.

Hans Bellmer


SEX ,look at me in the eye..L'OEIL

en hommage à Georges Bataille

Ferdinand Roybet - Odalisque (La Sultane)

Ferdinand Roybet - Odalisque (La Sultane): "Ferdinand Roybet
Ferdinand Roybet - Odalisque (La Sultane)

Odalisque (La Sultane)"

Le massage, scéne de hammam by E. Debat Ponsan

Le massage, scéne de hammam by E. Debat Ponsan: "Bernard Debat-Ponsan

Le massage, scéne de hammam

Le massage, scéne de hammam"

Gerome the Bath

Gerome the Bath: "Jean-Leon Gerome
The Bath by Gerome

The Bath

This painting holds a very special memory. It is in the Fine Art Museum in San Fransisco. I visited San Fransisco a couple of years ago and was lucky enough to visit the museum and see it for myself. I had adored this picture for quite some time so it was a very emotional occasion for me. The picture here can't do justice to the painting itself. The colours are magnificent, it draws you in until you can feel the coolness of the marble tiles under your feet, and the warmth of the steam against your face."

Gerome: Pygmalian and Galatea

Gerome: Pygmalian and Galatea: "Jean-Leon Gerome
Pygmalian and Galatea by Gerome

Pygmalian and Galatea"

Le massage, scéne de hammam by E. Debat Ponsan

Le massage, scéne de hammam by E. Debat Ponsan: "Bernard Debat-Ponsan

Le massage, scéne de hammam

Le massage, scéne de hammam"

2433421201_e5075c1ddd.jpg (JPEG grafiği, 500x333 piksel)

2433421201_e5075c1ddd.jpg (JPEG grafiği, 500x333 piksel): "http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2160/2433421201_e5075c1ddd.jpg?v=0"


disturbed, originally uploaded by simple moth.
I woke her up. I can't help myself.
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