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TaylorDana - Lloyd Cobb

TaylorDana - Lloyd Cobb, originally uploaded by uridev.

A commission from two married gemologists in Honolulu. They were living in Paris and decided to get married, go back to Honolulu, and start a business. They also had made a conscious decision not to have a pet until they owned their own home. The flowers are from their honeymoon in Tahiti,
the cat, a Scottish Rex named "Lloyd Cobb" purchased at the same time as their new home. Instead of a ring, the wife wore the black pearl around the cat's neck, the column and fabric was from the decor of the business they began together. The ring was the jewelry design that helped them start their second store, the Champaigne they brought back from Paris to open at the birth of their first child. The cork shows us the birth of their son.

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