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Girl awoken

Girl awoken, originally uploaded by Miss Aniela.

Here is another pic from my Balthus inspired-shoot, but with a slightly different processing interpretation. This time, I think the pose is a little more Balthussian than the last one (with its sinister face and inquisitive leaning posture similar to some of Balthus' pics which I have pasted just below), and this time, I have made the light appear as artificial light coming from the lamp, its rays daubed with an intended 'painted' feel.

What I love about this pic is that my body looks completely different; rounded curves, voluptuous almost, a far cry from my actual leek-like skinniness. Also, the leg's angle and positioning, to me, makes the bottom half of my body look like an early nineteeth century drawing, some unchaste buxom maiden getting up to no good. Manipulating the light and shadows afterwards enhanced the roundness of the figure.

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