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to rise from this

to rise from this, originally uploaded by Savannah Jane.

i'll be true again

today was such an incredibly beautiful day. it felt just like the birth of spring. oh and i really hope that this weekend is just as wonderful. these photographs were taken by the hathaway bridge. it was so windy and lovely. there were two young men about my age a ways down the beach i was watching because i was nervous that they were going to look over and see me running back and fourth like a crazy person because i had to keep setting my self timer and then posing again and again. i just always feel weird about doing the self timer thing in front of others. i dont know what it is about me.

but the boys were actually not paying attention at all because they had this little motorized truck they were driving around in the mud. it was kinda funny actually. seeing practically grown men driving a little toy truck around with a remote control. something about the scenario made me happy.

tomorrow i am planning on having a night out with my mother. sushi from out favorite chefs and maybe to go see Revolutionary Road. then saturday i am going to my first actual professional fashion shoot to be an assistant photographer. i am really excited about it and have no idea what to expect. kinda nervous too.

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