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A stranger 53 year old

People alone

A stranger 53 year old, originally uploaded by Benoit.P.
A stranger
I met on the street three months ago and invited me to go into his apartment.
I returned it showed the first pictures I took of him.
I brought my flash because I knew that I was still shooting with him.
But I did not know it was proposed to me posing nude for me

His story:
I do not know the whole story of this man, but I can tell you what I know. He is 53 and lives in a small apartment on my street. In 2006 his mother died, with which he had lived with in this apartment. After her death he was alone. I think he lived his whole life with his mother, so her death for him was a tragic event. Since he lives alone and does not work, it uses the money he inherited to live.
he is currently looking for a smaller apartment, because he is now only one.

original link:www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2009/08/naked_fellow_takes_...

Naked Stranger Takes Art Of Photography Show

By Heather Murphy

A photograph of a 53-year-old naked man, sitting on a child's chair, beat out 15,000 other entries from across the world in the Art of Photography competition in San Diego this weekend.

Benoit Paille, who made the unusual portrait, met the man on the street one day. Paille, who often asks elderly strangers if he can photograph them, was invited to the fellow's home. To his surprise, the man, who had recently lost his mother, chose to express his loneliness by removing his clothes and crouching on a tiny chair.

"It is a remarkable photograph in its piercing representation of an acute and specific human state," explains the show's sole judge, Charlotte Cotton, the head of the photography department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

2 strobe and window

for flickr team, i not parental lock this photo, because i dont see sex ! if you want to block my account tell my and i hide this real life picture

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