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Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Pipilotti Rist - "Homo Sapiens Sapiens", 2005 - Video installation -  Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León Collection
HUMLEBAEK, DENMARK - When Pipilotti Rist’s video installation "Homo Sapiens Sapiens "hits the ceiling in Louisiana's Hall Gallery from Thursday 7 January 2010, the audience will be elevated into a colour saturated, Paradisiac universe amidst the darkness of winter. The work is viewed lying down with your eyes gazing at a sensual firmament where two naked Eve figures float innocently and lustily around. The work has been created by the popular Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist and can be seen as a striking and poetic conclusion to the group exhibition "THE WORLD IS YOURS", the museum’s current comprehensive presentation of international contemporary art. The work will be on show at Louisiana until 25 April 2010. 

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