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Cello Girl, Lisa Marie Stuart

…Born and raised in the Land of Enchantment, Lisa Marie Stuart found her passion for stringed instruments at the age of 8. Inspired by a string quartet that performed at her elementary school she began playing the violin.

Through the years she performed with the school orchestras and the junior symphony in many recitals and concert halls. During her high school years, she broke away from the confines of the orchestra, sold her violin and bought a guitar. She studied classical guitar and soon found herself playing lead guitar in a rock band which gave her the freedom to improvise and truly express her soul. After eight years of playing in rock bands in underground clubs and otherworldly venues she began to incorporate the violin back into her playing.

It didn't take long before the violin once again became her main passion. However, now she was an improvisational player, and for several years focused on playing from her soul as a violinist.

…Then one magical night at a winter solstice soiree a very special person handed her the infamous "Golden Cello". She did not know it, but it was about to change her life forever. It was cello love at first sight. The passion that she had when she first learned to play violin resurfaced, and the very next day she rented a cello of her own. She played the cello all day and into the night until her arms could no longer play. Encouraged by amazingly wonderful people that didn't mind listening to a cellist in the making, the cello became her favorite instrument... and that's how Cello Girl was born.

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