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The Race

The ‘Mini Transat’ is a highly demanding, single-handed transatlantic race using the tiny, open 6.5 metre ‘Classe Mini’ racing yachts. Founded in the late 1970’s, the race originally departed from Andrews home port of Penzance, but to date no British sailor has ever sailed over the finnish line in 1st place. It is now hosted by France where, every two years, up to 70 solo sailors head out on the 4000 mile course to Brazil with only a brief stopover in the Canary Islands. Conditions are uncomfortable, even dangerous, sleep is almost non-existent. Combine this with the need to constantly drive the boat on night and day and you have the recipe for a very competitive challenge indeed. It is a challenge that only the best prepared can win.

Many famous sailors have started their careers in this race; one of the most renowned being Britain’s Ellen Macarthur, who has since gone on to successfully race the speed machines ‘Kingfisher’ and ‘B&Q’ ultimately making her the fastest solo skipper in the world… for now

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