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Solo Around The World - Natasza Caban

We and our dreams…

Sometimes, our needs and emotions are so strong, beautiful and courageous that they seem to overwhelm our lives and push us towards the unknown. “We all have a natural right to dream differently.” Almost every one would like to follow one’s “Own Legend”, but not all of us dare to challenge the power of dreams or follow their hidden path. I guess I always had the conviction that it’s the possibility of making our dreams come true makes life so interesting, don’t you agree?

From my personal experience I shall repeat Paulo Coelho’s saying that "The world belongs to people daring to dream and who take the risk to realize their dream, people who try to do it at their best. Remembering that the first obstacle that tries to take away our dreams is Lack of Time, the second is the desire for Certainty, and the third, Inertia."

I’m convinced that if the past doesn’t make us happy we should forget it. We shall invent a new story for our future life and believe in it. We simply can’t avoid failures from time to time and that’s I believe it is far better to fight for my dreams, work to realize them, and take the risk of failing, than to lose my dreams or allow them to fade away.

There are plenty of dreams in my head and I’m strong enough to change them into challenges.

The biggest of them is to solo circumnavigate the world. Why? – you may ask. Why not – I shall answer. Oceans give me the freedom I need and at the same time lead me to new lands and allow me to make new friends. Sailing by myself is not just a challenge of forces of nature but a trial of myself and a quest of human limits. Above all it’s the joy of sharing the experience with people who could never go there on their own. And now you know the answer to the question ‘why?’. I consider myself very lucky because you can’t possibly ask for more – In making my dreams come true, I can also help a few disabled children in creating their own dreams and making them come true. That is why it’s so much worth doing.

After my sailing experience is over I will go forward with a few more projects and I would love to talk about them someday. Today, I hope you’ll stay with me and follow my stories around the world. Cross your fingers for me and Tanasza because it’s not always easy, although it’s certainly always beautiful.

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